Martin Carolus Zillmann | Director & Curator

Martin Carolus Zillmann

Martin Carolus Zillmann is born as the last sagittarius 1976 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Grown up and finished Highschool in Berlin,
he started to make films and work as an 1.AD in various fields all around the world
(movies, documentaries, music videos, TV and commercials).
Thanks to all the collegues who impressed and touched me:
Arndt Wiegering, Dany Levi ("Vaeter"), Ciro Capelari (Abdullah Ibrahim, "A Struggle For Life", "the wrack ball", "In Berlin" with Michael Ballhaus),
Katja Pratschke and Gustav Hamos ("Fremdkoerper", "rien ne va plus") and many more.
As a director his focus is on music, culture and architecture in a documantary and scenic style.
He is based in berlin with his bride and two boys.**
M +49 177 3080879
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